Astronom (DJ)


2023-07-30 | 01:30

Maykurnaddur Records / SquareLab Music

Jens alias Astronom entered the world of psychedelic music in 1996. With his growing interest for psychedelic music he soon developed some decent Dj-skills and started playing at different parties. 

Since the year 2000 Jens has been playing at parties in all over Germany as well as in internationel parties. He perfomed partys like Gaggalacka, Fractalia, Antaris, Freequenzy, Summer Contrast, SimSalaBoom, Summer Never Ends festival and many more. With his project Astronom Jens loves to play fresh and powerfull night music. 

His style is cleary defined psycheldelic trance, a bit acherontic but melodic though. His sets tell a story while reflecting different elements of Psytrance and Forrest, "darkish" segments as well as playful and lunatic sound textures. Astronom loves to combine mystic elements with cheerful episodes and propulsive tracks. In 2008, when he first learned about Cubase, he experienced another important turning point in his music career. He was immediately infected by the joy of producing his own tracks. After a couple of years of studying he founded the live project "Constructor" together with his friend Henning alias Voidscream. The bunch of them produce some frisky, pulsating and demanding midnight sound between forrest and psytrance.